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Join Mountaineer Meet Ups

WVU Student Life is excited to introduce Mountaineer Meet Ups — supportive, peer-led communities centered around various interests, identities or needs. These student-led communities aim to expand social support and increase connections with like-minded students.   

“We know it can be hard to initiate and build those connections that lead to friendships and community, so we work to foster each Meet Up to do just that,” said Nathan Harlan, executive director of the Office of Student Wellness. “Each of the Meet Up’s shares the goal of helping students build connections with other like-minded peers to combat loneliness and isolation.”

Students can pop in and out of Meets Ups as their schedules allow, and by nature, they are open and inclusive. Even though some communities have been intentionally created to support specific student populations, they are welcoming and accepting of all students. 

Adventure Well-being

This meet-up allows Mountaineers to learn about well-being and engage with others while participating in exciting adventure activities. We’ll paddle in September, ride bikes along the river in October, and climb at WVU’s climbing wall in November! All programs are beginner-friendly (if cycling, you will need to know how to ride a bike). We’re down-to-earth and approachable, and we invite you to come as you are – we can’t wait to meet you!

Black or Brown in Morgantown

This meet-up provides space for marginalized communities of students of color to share a sense of community and common experiences in Morgantown.

Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is a group open to any undergrad student who is looking to meet new people, build community, and have friends to share a meal with. We especially love to connect with new students who need a starting point for community and connection.

Gaming Crew

This Meet Up connects Mountaineers who love to game. From joysticks to tabletops, we love them all. We want to connect new Mountaineers to a community that is open, inviting, and full of friendly competition.

Get Out of the Lab

Get Out of the Lab is a place for all WVU graduate students to connect and build community.  We know it can be hard as a Graduate Student to build community outside of your lab, classroom or assistantship. This meet-up exists to help connect you to other that feel the same way!

Loved Ones

Loved Ones is a group that is open to any WVU student who has been impacted by addiction in their family or community.


A community for any WVU student seeking to improve their relationship with food and body

Learn more about the first seven Meet Ups and to sign up visit.