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WVU Libraries offers active workspaces across campus

The Active Workspaces is a student-led initiative designed to stimulate studying while increasing opportunities for movement throughout campus. 

The workspaces, located on Downtown, Evansdale and Health Sciences campuses, include standing desks, yoga balls, spin bikes, under-desk ellipticals and yoga mats. Library visitors can use the equipment to either move while studying or take a movement break. 

“This program allows students to feel like that they don't have to make a choice between their health and well-being and their studying,” 2022-23 SGA Heath Sciences Senator Matthew Hudson said.

Downtown Library 

Active workspaces will be available on the 6th Floor and Lower Level to help boost productivity, focus and energy. 

The 6th Floor space features five spin bikes, four adjustable desks, an under-desk elliptical and instructional posters and wipes. 

The Lower Level offers four reservable active study rooms with either a spin bike or yoga mat and ball, as well as wipes and instructional posters.

Heath Sciences Library 

Two reservable active study rooms include an under-desk elliptical and yoga ball and base, as well as wipes and an instructional poster.

Evansdale Library 

This space features three spin bikes with two adjustable desks, an instructional poster and wipes.

“From our published research, we know that regular users of the Campus Recreation facility have significantly higher retention and GPA,” said Director of Campus Recreation Andy Darling. “We also know that facility proximity matters, so we’re trying to bring opportunities for movement to as many students as possible where they are.”

The initiative is a partnership between Campus Recreation, Student Government Association, WellWVU, WVU Libraries and the WVU Exercise Physiology Club, with support from WVU Interior Design and Office of Sustainability. 

Students are pursuing options to purchase under-desk treadmills and portable fans for the Downtown and Health Sciences libraries.

Find more information on the Active Workspaces initiative.