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Women’s Resource Center to host Menstrual Cup Giveaway

The WVU Women’s Resource Center will give away free menstrual cups to students, staff and faculty  through Nov. 14 to help raise awareness about menstrual health, sustainability, period care, and the benefits of using a menstrual cup.

Those interested in receiving a free cup must complete an educational module to learn more about how to use a menstrual cup and
the benefits of using a non-disposable cup. Find the module here:

Partnering with All Matters, the WRC will give away menstrual cups, typically a $30 value, to replace tampons or pads, providing a healthier, greener and cheaper menstrual product to use and reuse during your menstrual cycle for up to ten years.

The WRC has distributed more than 1,000 period cups around campus. See what the buzz is all about and learn more about this campaign by visiting

The WRC provides a comprehensive list of on-and-off campus resources for women and families. The site includes information on career resources, basic needs, healthcare, dependent care, healthy living, student organizations, as well as services for immigrants, the LGBTQ+  community, veterans, and women’s rights groups.

Visit for your one-stop-shop to find WVU and community resources.