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Travel abroad to Canada and province of Quebec, May 16-24

buildings lit up and green trees on a body of water

This international education trip will allow students to take in the rich history and culture of Canada and Quebec City and marvel at European architecture while immersed in the French language.

Students will attend presentations on different topics each morning at the Université de Laval and participate in afternoon excursions that reflect on and deepen the understanding of the morning presentations. 

Participants will also:

  •  Visit Niagara Falls
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the border relations and trade between the U.S. and Canada through lectures, discussions and guided journal entries
  • Explore key issues in Canada and Quebec, including language concerns in provincial and federal government, the situation of the Amerindians, and cultural identity through lectures, discussions and excursions
  • Recognize and articulate an understanding of Quebec’s central role in the history of North America
  •  Compare the views of Canadians and their own relative to the United States
  • Experience and use French language, Canadian currency, the metric system, and become aware of many other differences gained through travel abroad

Visit here for more information and to sign up.