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Healthy Foundations: Empowering you to build a balanced lifestyle of overall wellbeing

Did you know that over 60% of students gain weight during college and 85% of students report feeling stressed daily, while over one-third of WVU students report stress is negatively impacting their academics?

Healthy Foundations is a free eight-week compassion-based program designed to support students in creating a sustainable healthier lifestyle. Our focus is on growing awareness of the factors like stress that influence our everyday behaviors including what we eat, how active we are, and our mood. Students will participate in group sessions to learn and build strategies to successfully implement behavior changes such as eating healthier, exercising more and managing stress.

In addition to the eight group sessions, participants will work one-on-one with a coach who will provide support in creating lifestyle change. Our goal is to have participants end the program with more tools they can use in their everyday life, a better understanding of the process of habit change, and a more balanced lifestyle.

Space limited. For more information, contact: Spencer Ingels,