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The Holy Month of Ramadan

Muslims around the world will observe the holy month of Ramadan starting March 23. During the holy month, Muslims abstain from food, drink and sexual relations from dawn to dusk for 29-30 days.

They aim to optimize their acts of worship by praying in congregation, reflecting upon the Quran, donating to charities, and more. This is a time that Muslims look forward to because they spend more time with their friends and families eating delicious food, and bonding over their love for Islam, the religion of peace. Muslim students will continue being the productive students they are while making the most of the holy month.

The Muslim Students' Association at WVU will be host weekly events during the month of Ramadan open to Muslims and non-Muslims. These events will include Iftars, the meal that is eaten to break their fast. The first Iftar will be catered from Chaang Thai at 7:20 .m. on March 23 at the local mosque at 434 Harding Ave, Morgantown. Please join us!

Become a member of the MSA on Engage and follow their Instagram (@msawvu) to keep up with their events. 

For questions, contact Shahd Hanif, president of the MSA, at