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Residence Halls seek volunteers for move-in day

Are you interested in spreading the word about your campus organization while also helping make the residence hall move in process a success? Are you just looking to volunteer for service hours? 

We feel it is important for new residents to interact with returning students and faculty/staff to show them the ropes, assist them in moving in to their room, and answer any questions they may have. It's also a great time to show them that you and your student organization are visible on campus. You may have had a HOTSHOT assist you or your student when moving in your or their first year. Now it is your chance to make a difference with a new student by assisting them during their first day on campus.

Interested members of approved WVU student organizations, faculty/staff and other upper class student volunteers may fill out a form to sign up as a HOTSHOT on Move-in Day (Saturday, August 12). This form needs to be filled out by each individual that will be assisting. A blanket form for an entire student organization will not be counted and groups that fail to have their members sign up may be asked to leave on move-in day. All participants that sign up properly with this form will be given service hours through iServe.

All volunteers must wear the provided Hotshot shirt, provided free of charge. All volunteers will be required to check in and out at the residence hall front desk where they will be volunteering and will be given a HOTSHOT sticker to wear identifying them as an approved volunteer. Appropriate attire is required and anyone showing up in clothes not suitable for a hot day of volunteer work may be asked to leave (ex. mini skirts and high heels or flip flops).

If you are interested in being a HOTSHOT, complete the online form by Tuesday, August 1. If you have any questions, please contact HOTSHOT coordinators Chris McBride or Ryan McConnell. Please direct all emails to

Apply for August 12 

Honors Move-in Day is also available on August 11 at Honors Hall and Lincoln Hall. 
Apply for Honors Move-in Day (Aug. 11)