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Rising freshmen and sophomores: Apply for First2 STEM program

Seeking first-generation rising college freshmen (also accepting rising sophomores) who are going to West Virginia schools and majoring in STEM!

First2 is a National Science Foundation funded project aimed at improving the persistence of science, engineering and math majors during their first two critical years of post-secondary education. We are targeting first generation rural students for this pilot project. Students selected for our project will participate in a STEM research experience early in their post-secondary path, gain the support of successful peer mentor students who have navigated the obstacles of college life and being a STEM major, and pay it forward by helping to solve the STEM persistence problem for themselves and future students.

This summer, 40 students will engage in hands-on research internships at either the Green Bank Observatory in astronomy or Fairmont State in their Solar Army project in July. Over the course of the year, they will have a weekly meeting and participate in mentoring. We are developing course modules that will be used in the course across several campuses. Perhaps most importantly, they will be also serving as hometown ambassadors, and returning to their high schools and communities to meet with students, teachers and school leaders as STEM ambassadors.  We have accepted 20 students for the pilot and are actively recruiting another 20 students.  

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