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Peer Notetakers needed for Office of Accessibility Services

The Office of Accessibility Services needs students to serve as Peer Notetakers for students receiving notetaking accommodations in their current classes.  Notetakers will independently and anonymously take notes in their class and upload them to SAMM, the Office of Accessibility Services accommodation management database. The students who receive the notes then download them to their own devices. 

To be a Peer Notetaker, respond to the need through iServe, and complete the OAS Notetaker Training course.  You can receive up to 15 service hours per course that you take notes for (plus an additional hour for the training) OR you may receive a letter of recommendation for every course you take notes for. You may be a notetaker in as many classes you’d like as long as there is a need in your class.

For more information, visit:  or contact August Campbell at or 304-293-6700.