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Survey on campus violence from the University of Kentucky is a joint effort with WVU-Please complete if you receive it

You could receive an invitation to participate in a web-based survey on Thursday, April 27th. Your participation in this project is entirely voluntary and your responses will be kept confidential. To participate, you will receive an email from In this email, there will be a link to click to join the survey. It is SAFE to click on the link – it is not spam or from a malicious source, just our colleagues from the University of Kentucky.

As a thank you for helping your campus, for your time, when you complete the survey, you have the opportunity to be selected for one of thirty-four $50 Amazon gift cards.

Frequently Asked Questions
How will this survey benefit my campus? Our students?
This research will help insure that the most effective training is provided to students to reduce the risk of violence and maintain student well-being.

Who can participate?
Undergraduate students aged 18-24 taking courses on-campus are eligible.
How are students involved? What does participation involve?
Completion of a short electronic survey in the Spring semester. We will invite all undergraduate students (age 18-24) on your campus to participate each Spring for the next three years.

How long will students be involved in this study?
We are asking for your participation this Spring. You will be given an opportunity to submit a similar survey when we invite students to participate in following years. We will be conducting this survey at West Virginia University for the next 3 years. After you complete the survey, your email will not be kept or used again; your data will be de-identified so it will not be possible to personally identify you or your responses.

How can students find out more about this study?
Contact Heather Bush, Ann Coker or Emily Clear at

Contact at WVU
Danielle M. Davidov, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Emergency Medicine | School of Medicine
Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences | School of Public Health
West Virginia University