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Research Participation Invitation: Survey on social machines, $100 Amazon gift card drawing

I'm a professor/researcher at West Virginia University in the Department of Communication Studies, and I’m currently conducting a study about how people think and feel about other social entities, including people and social machines. This email is to invite you to participate in this research by taking an online survey.

In this survey, you will be asked to offer your thoughts about a particular kind of social machine or about people in general; following that you will be asked to watch a very short video about that kind of entity and then give your thoughts on that social machine or person through open- and closed-ended questions. You’ll also be asked to offer some information about yourself. You must be 18 years of age to participate.

If you decide to take part, the survey is estimated to take about 20 minutes to complete. Because you will be asked to view a short video, please make sure you are using a device that supports video display – desktop or laptop computers are best (mobile devices will sometimes not display video properly). This study has been acknowledged by the WVU research ethics board, and adheres to federal standards for protecting research participant rights and privacy.

With my thanks for your time, everyone who completes the survey will have the option to enter a random drawing for a $100 Amazon gift card. Please note that you will be asked to enter your email address in order to enter the drawing, so you can be notified if you’re the winner; your email will be kept completely confidential and the information will be destroyed after the drawing is complete. The odds of winning the gift card depend on the number of participants.

If you wish to participate in this study, please use the following link to be automatically redirected to the survey:

If you have any questions about study, you're very welcome to send me a message or email me at the address below. I'll also try to respond as quickly as possible to any general questions/concerns in this thread.

 ~Dr. Jaime Banks -  or