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Be a part of a survey about election results: "Post-election study II"

We are conducting a research study on individuals who are aged 18 and older. It is an anonymous online survey study that asks about your thoughts and feelings about the election and related events. Whether you participated in our previous study, we would like for you to participate. The study results can help to understand how people may react differently to these events. WVU IRB acknowledgement is on file.

The survey may take at least 10 minutes to finish. You may write as much as you like and take as long as you like. You can find the survey here:

Kimberly Kelly, PhD; Usha Sambamoorthi, PhD; Kim Innes, PhD; Pamela J. Murray, MD, MHP; Karen Weiss, PhD; Ranjita Misra, PhD

Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences,

HSC, PO Box 9510,

Morgantown, WV 26506