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Who pays the bill in your family? Grant access now.

Did you know you can give your parent or designee their own access to log on through the Parent/Guest Portal to view and pay your bill, or call in about your financial aid, among other things?
Fall bills will be coming out July 6 and will be due July 26. If you have not yet set up online proxy access through the Parent/Guest Portal, do so now before you leave for the summer. Four easy steps will ensure that your parent/designee can receive billing notifications, be able to call in on your behalf with questions and view and pay the bill this summer and in upcoming semesters:
  1.  Log on to the WVU Portal and click on STAR.
  2. Click on Parent/Guest Proxy and complete the remaining four steps:
  3. Account: Create a new proxy account by clicking Add Proxy.
  4. Authorization: Click Expand Proxy and choose the Authorization tab to view and grant specific access.     
  5. Passphrase: Set a phrase the proxy will use to verify his/her identity when calling or emailing WVU on your behalf.
  6. Email: If you want your proxy to receive billing notifications, go to Update Address Information ( and add a parent/guest email address. Anytime a billing notification is sent out, your parent/guest will receive an email that there has been a change to your account.
For more detailed instructions, FAQs and video tutorials, go to:
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